Trestle Companies' office is located in Irvine, CA. Many of our projects are located in Southern California counties such as: Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. However, most of our clients businesses extend beyond Southern California and we are capable of assisting as needed. Our passion around fully understanding a client's vision allows us to skillfully implement construction projects wherever needed.

We act on your behalf, ensuring your interests are protected during feasibility / due-diligence / entitlement / construction phases of various types of projects.

  • Developers
  • Home Owners
  • Small Business Owners
  • Large Business Operations
  • Government Agencies
  • Non-Profits

Our professional team acts on behalf of owners and executives during construction and development projects. Our services ensures that your interests and objectives are defined and upheld throughout the process, including; project oversight, decision-making, quality control, budget management, schedule management, and communication with team members. We aim to streamline projects, minimize risks, mitigate surprises and achieve successful outcomes while allowing you to focus on your core business operations and objectives

Trestle provides expert observation and reporting to ensure successful and efficient execution of construction projects, meeting defined budgets, timelines, and quality standards.

  • Progress Reporting
  • Participation in Design & Construction Team Meetings
  • Invoice Administration
  • Budget Adherence Monitoring
  • Project Schedule Updates
  • Punch List Reporting

In contrast to projects where Trestle has become a Team Member in the very beginning, Construction Management Service can be considered “staff augmentation” to solve a need for resourcing and targeted expertise. Ideally, Trestle would contribute as Owner’s Representative.

A project’s success results from both up-front planning and iterative execution. Using time-tested processes and internally-developed tools for strategic planning, and communication from inception to completion- Trestle provides clients with on-going awareness of project status and trajectory via executive summary reporting.

  • Scope Confirmation and Commentary
  • Budgeting Documentation and Reporting
  • Milestone and Project Schedules
  • Team Formation and Oversight

The goal for every opportunity is to ensure the project is executed efficiently, on time and under budget, where possible within the initial or evolving constraints. Our proven methods for project management maximize productivity, minimize or mitigate delays, and deliver projects that are deemed successful (both process and result) by key stakeholders. (Please see Client Letters of Recommendation).

Industry experience lends itself to problem solving through asking good questions. Rather than just processing paperwork, shop drawings, and construction documents, Trestle regularly helps the Design Team and our Clients to visualize options, opportunities, and possible solutions so that proactive decisions can be made that maximize potential and cost increase avoidance.

  • Sketches and Diagrams
  • Assistance with Custom Fabrication Vendors
  • Inspiration Photos / Precedence Referrals
  • Problem Solving

Since 2016, we have been populating a Vendor Tracker database for a significant number of Industry contacts (from decades of connections) to offer options for Clients to contract with Team members that are appropriate to each task. In addition when time permits, multiple vendors can be evaluated by comparative analysis for appropriate project fit and contribution.

In the beginning stages of projects that require approvals from Agencies Having Jurisdiction, teamwork is required that is focused on Client objectives. Entitlement can be expensive, protracted, and daunting. Of key importance is to understand Agency Staff, process, decision-makers, anticipated schedules, deliverables and personality dynamics.

  • Team Formation
  • Awareness of Approval Requirements (HOAs, Coastal Commission, Fire Agencies etc.)
  • Information Flow Matrices
  • Document Oversight
  • Submittal Applications
  • Presentation to Agencies (Staff, Departments, Planning Commission, City Council).

Trestle has had the good fortune of experience in the varied and changing environment of entitlement that requires patience, good communication, emotional intelligence, comradery, leadership and determination. Virtual meetings and electronic submittals have had a negative effect on clarity and consistency in approval processes. Tools for logging and documenting the process, if created and shared effectively, can help to manage expectations.